Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Trends Industry - Trend Bible

Trend Bible is a home and interior based trends forecasting company based in Newcastle. They like to work with recognised brands to predict change, they find they ways future trends will impact on your business and help you capitialise on them. They forecast trends 365 days a year, their sensors are constantly switched on to help brands succeed. 

While I don't have access to Trend Bibles trend books they do have a blog and a pinterest page. I love pinterest I think its such a great source of information so was excited to have a browse through their boards. 

Iridescent Trend S/S 13 

I love the Iridescent trend and I love how you can see where the inspiration for it has come from. I think it really helps new designers to look at everything around them for inspiration. 

Paradise Illustrations by Katherine Tromans
Colour dipped marshmallows
Metallic #HolidayTrend #iridescent #oxford

Palm Springs S/S13 

Again I really like this trend as you can see the inspiration has come from such a wide range of sources, I love how they have looked at buildings and colour to source the start of the trend. 

Spring/Summer 2012 Trend Bible story called Palm Springs - it's all about tropical florals, coloured glass, chevron pattern and bringing tropical blooms and leafy palms into an urban environment.
Tropical Floral Art PrintThe Saguaro, Palm SpringsPalm Springs mixes bold geometrics with metallicschevron#Palm Springs

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